Dr. med. Peter Polyanszky
Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin
Naturheilverfahren, Sportmedizin, Chirotherapie, Akupunktur, Berg- und Höhenmedizin
Gleiwitzer Str. 23, 91058 Erlangen / Tel.: 09131 / 35726

I am pleased to be able to offer you my homepage in English.
Through our daily contact with English-speaking patients, my team and I can support you with our consultations.

We encourage you to read about the range of our services and in particular the specialties of our practice, which include special, alternative and complementary methods from naturopathy in addition to classic conventional medicine.

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If you have complaints e. g. coughing,running nose, fever


first!! call the practice


Telephone: 09131/35726


the emergency number


116 117


Do not come directly to the practice!!


Flu or Corona Virus?

Important: According to the Robert-Koch-Institute, if you suffer from symptoms like coughing, cold and fever, your risk of being infected with the novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is relatively small at this point in time but increasing.

It is more likely that you suffer from a flu or a common cold. If you are suffering from the symptoms listed above, please do not go to your family doctor‘s office, but phone in first to discuss what to do next.

What is the Coronavirus? Since December 2019, there have been cases of respiratory diseases in China and South-East Asia, but also in Europe and in the US, caused by a Virus called SARS-CoV-2 (the name of the disease caused by that virus is Covid-2019). A transmission from one person to another has been verified and is apparently possible before the patient starts to have symptoms. After an incubation period of 2-14 days, patients can develop symptoms resembling a flu or a bronchitis like ufever; ucoughing; ushortness of breath.

Do I have the Coronavirus? Patients should be checked for Coronavirus if they suffer from respiratory or general symptoms like fever or abnormal fatigue AND if they were in one of the regions at risk (China, other South Asian and some European States) up to 14days prior to the symptoms or if they had contact to a verified SARS-CoV-2 case. u In this case, please phone your regional public health department (search via ZIP-Code: https://tools.rki.de/plztool/) or your family doctor‘s office.

How can I protect myself? General precautions can prevent infections with the flu as well as SARS-Cov-2-Virus: § Washing your hands with water and soap or cleaning your hands with an alcohol based gel (available in most local drug stores) § „correct“ coughing/sneezing with a handkerchief in front of your mouth and nose. Afterwards, please discard the handkerchief in a waste bin. or coughing/sneezing in the upper part of your sleeve (to avoid sprinkling your palms). § Keep your distance from obiously infected people. § Wearing face masks is not reasonable at this point in time.

Travelling The Federal Foreign Office advises not to travel to China or other affected countries. Advice can be found on their homepage (https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de). If you recently returned to Germany from one of these countries and you have respiratory or general symptoms or you were in contact with infected patients, please make telephone contact with your family doctor‘s office. The Federal Minstry of Health has established a hotline for concerned citizens under the telephone number +49 30-346 465 100 (available Monday-Thursday [8AM-6PM] and Friday [8AM-12PM]).


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